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Walks in Yorkshire

You do not have to be a rambler to enjoy a good walk. In fact, we recently did a survey of all our female members on the site, and one of the top things that women in Yorkshire said they would enjoy doing on the first date is going for a nice walk somewhere. There are hundreds of great walks around the Yorkshire area, and walking can be a great way to stimulate conversation. Many people find that if they haven’t dated in a few years, the thought of going out for a meal and sitting face to face can be incredibly daunting.

Many people begin to think, “what if I cannot think of anything to say”, “what if I don’t like the person I am sitting with, it will be incredibly awkward”, “and What if he or she eats funny and it puts me off”. These thoughts can begin to creep in, and this can put you off dating. The great thing about walking is that you do not have to worry about conversation flowing the entire walk. You can just enjoy the walk in each other’s company. So soon as you begin to get into the mentality that talking constantly is not necessary, this will help you to relax and promote more conversation.

Ramble and date in Yorkshire.

A huge number of our members are dog owners or dog lovers, so this is also a great way to kill two birds with one stone, taking the dogs out for a walk will help you to get to know each other and give you an insight into each other's lives. This will help you bond a lot faster.

Let's not forget that walking is also a great exercise and many experts now say that walking is one of the best exercises out there to help you to de-stress. It is not high impact; it is a gentle motion that can be sustained for a longer time. This will really put you in a great mood and help you both to feel more positive about the date, and if you are nervous, the gentle exercise will help to calm you down.

Meet people to go walking within Yorkshire.

When you search for your ideal type on this site, you can enter walking as an interest of yours, and we will match you with others who also have an interest in walking. Once you have met someone online who said that they also enjoy the activity, this will give you something to break the ice with and easily lead you into the conversation about meeting up for a walk at some point.

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